Blue Warrior Goddess.. Fire follows her..

Warrior Goddess.. Fire follows her.. she is fighting the good fight.. with everything that she is… framing the control and apathy of the patriarchy… in a glowy and loving yet obsolete light… insomuch as that her stern, intense stare and the empathic light of her being makes even the most powerful and hardened man weep.. she shoots the golden arrow of truth into hearts and minds… it sometimes kills the old ways.. it sometimes creates the pain of shame and then change… all the while she illuminates wisdom… she shows you the signs… up to you to choose to take all the right and proper paths to your Truth… The Mother… the Goddess, the Teacher, the Wise one, the Healer, the Nurturer, the Leader, the Wayshower, the Disciplinary figure, the Boss… She will wipe away your tears but she will make sure you see yourself as you are so you may fulfill your destiny …. She will show you the way… You choose.. the hard way or the easy way?

Blue Warrior Goddess

This was an original airbrushed painting I did about 10 years ago on a small “practice hood” used for auto body painting practice.. I don’t own the original painting.. but I used a photo of it to create this digital art piece that is original in and of itself! Still a WIP but I love her like this right now…

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