Altars & Spaces Gallery

Altar design

From 2010-2014, Shylo designed altar spaces with JoyOne SoundSystem at Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival near Driftpile, AB (Angelica’s Basket) and (2012-2014)  Shambhala Music Festival (Secret Labyrinth/Grove Stages: Nebula / Hidden Hollow) near Salmo, BC.  Working with JoyOne (Patrice J Sauve) together with a stellar team of artistically flamboyant space architects, they have transformed regular spaces into sacred heart places.. with projection mapped stage designs and revered sacred altars that tickle our magic fancy, magnify the heart field while grounding our roots deeply into our planet… harnessing living crystals, energy amplifiers (antlers & feathers) lights, high fidelity sound and fantastical visuals to create transformative spaces to dance, learn and play together.

The general energy was always of all directions, light, dark, heaven, earth, rainbow, all elements, all energies, all encompassing; a symmetry of vibrations as in an orchestra of many races, beings, ideologies singing as one.  Something for everyone and the blending of them all.  Here’s a gallery of some of the altars Shylo was integral in designing.