Homemade Cymatic Device Instructions

Cymatic Device


Shylo made her own homemade cymatic device in 2011 in order to see for herself how sound can affect the structure of matter molecules, specifically pure tone frequencies vibrated through plain water.

Her device consisted of an old satellite dish, a reappropriated telescope tripod, an old 8ohm speaker removed from it’s housing, an old stereo amplifier (it’s really old, as in 1989 old, as in it has a dual cassette player on it!), an iPhone 3G with a free frequency generator app installed, a switch connected between the receiver and the speaker and iphone connected to amplifier, an old Sony 3.5 megapixel digital camera mounted over and centred within a donut shaped LED light source and a black plastic salad bowl, spray painted flat black.


The configuration was as follows: Tripod, leveled and secured satellite dish in the base centred. Speaker mounted to the center of satellite dish levelled directly under center/top of tripod, all attached to amplifier and iphone. Plastic salad bowl, mounted to the top/center of the speaker and hotglued on. Directly above, digital camera pointed through hole of donut shaped LED light, positioned over bowl about 18″ or so.