New Music: Dark in the Light, Feat. Shylo Love

I’ve been playing this track out at events last year (2022)… because of this I’ve sped it up to 124 bpm in the final version and made tweaks based on what I heard on the big systems 😉 To be released worldwide, Jan 23, 2023!

Soon to be released on my new label: LoveFire Records! Would love to know what you feel? Some lyrics inspired by Rumi poetry <3



Here I am,
There you are
Here in the night
So wickedly bright

We are the darkness that is the night
and the stillness that is the dancing

Yeah, we’re standing in the dark
So bright in the night,
So dark in the light,

Until the singing planets ignite
We are, we are the darkness that is the night

Here we are

here I am, there you are
Here in the night, so wickedly bright

Dark in the Light
Dark in the night

Here I am, there you are

Here I am, here you are, here we are…
all the way in… inside.
Here you are, here we are, here I am,
All the way in…
Here in the night, So wickedly bright.

Let’s remember who we are…
Let’s go there. oh oh
It is a mystery to be here,
Let’s go, Oh,
Let’s go,
Let’s dance back to the … Light..

Here i am, there you are

When you find it and you’re there,
and you feel it in your bones.
It’s a mystery to be here,
and all is gone.

When the stars in the night collide,
And then you know…
When you’re looking in the mirror,
and all you see, is all you know.

Here I am, there you are.