KILONOVA Live @ Down the Rabbit Hole – Friday Night Mix, Nov 18, 2022

I always have a wonderful time at Back to Earth events! This time, we went down the rabbit hole!! The costumes, the decor and the food were incredible… along with the music! This is my friday night mix recorded live. Enjoy!


Breguet (Original Mix) – Hefemony
Scuze Me (Original Mix) – Luke Alessi
Dance With Me (Original Mix) – Kevin de Vries
Make Revolution (Original Mix) – Yamagucci
Weirdo (Original Mix) – James Harcourt
Octavia (Extended Mix) – Fat Sushi
Forget Yesterday (Original Mix) – Citizen Kain
Mountain Girl (Future Utopia Remix) Future Utopia, Ruelle
Won’t Let You Go (Original Mix) – Rose Ringed
World in My Eyes (Original Mix) – Froro
DARK IN THE LIGHT – (Original vocal Mix) feat. Shylo Love – KILONOVA
Feel Me (Original Mix) – Goom Gum
Space Funk (Timo Maas Remix) – Robert Babicz
Free Your Mind (Original Mix)- Nicolas Masseyeff, Parallelle
Heartstrings (Sascha Braemer Remix) – Evelynka
Never Alone (Dix_On The Phone) (Original Mix) – Dixon, Jimi Jules
Friends do it again(Extended Version) – King Arthur, Big Pineapple
Raver (Original Mix) – Dapayk Solo
Ah Oh Uh (Original Mix) – Nicone, David Hasert, Diode Eins

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