LoveFire Records™ Launched!

In a natural progression of the LoveFire creative trajectory, I set up a record label! LoveFire Records! 😬 🤓🎶🎵🎧🎼🎹🎸

LoveFire Records™ was established early in 2022 as a natural progression of the LoveFire creative trajectory. A subsidiary in the LoveFire family, standing next to LoveFire Radio™ ; where both are hosted and supported by LoveFire Web™ (the tech side of the fam).

LoveFire Records™ rounds out our offering of unique underground music, DJ personalities and alternative, meditative music artists from western Canada.

Currently, we are transferring our artist portfolios from the HeartSongs Media™ label over to LoveFire Records™.  Artists including;  Sound Love AlchemyShylo LoveKILONOVA and JoyOne Soundsystem will all be under our new label and management as of June 1, 2022. We will continue to add more artists that are in tune with our LoveFire vibe as we all hurdle through space and time…