Yelapa Gathering 2020 – KILONOVA with JoyOne Soundsystem – 15 min short Jan 5

It was a warm, balmy and bright Sunday afternoon on Jan 5 … looking out from our highrise vantage point (this beautifully constructed stage in the photo)the sight was breathtaking complete with the resplendent, glistening ocean, preceded by glittering happy faces on the beach, all the dancing and smiling and lounging .. some live 528zh tuning fork…. at the first ever Yelapa Gathering! Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico – Jan 3-5 2020 ~ only the first 15 min of our set recorded properly.. the rest was funky robot sounding something…?! Still… this was a highlight of my life, I hope you enjoy this 15 min of it. <3 xo

Beach Stage, Yelapa Gathering…. Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico – Jan 3-5 2020
KILONOVA & JoyOne SoundSystem
Intro track “Everything is Purple” by KILONOVA