Music is Life, Music is Love, Music is Everything… 

Kilonova” is a term coined by “Metzger” to describe the explosion that occurs when two Neutron stars or a Neutron star and a Black hole collide. We were recently able to observe one… something never before done Oct 2017.
upon such a collision, the elements Gold and Platinum are created… BAM!

Colliding neutron stars called out our name… KILONOVA 😉 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.. there was a KILONOVA…!

Betwixt this merger of love and fire, a daughter of the constellation of Hydra was burned into existence. Made of gold and platinum and things, she rode a gamma ray 130 million light years to Earth … once here, she danced, ate cake and made some splendid bass music…, aka Shylo ॐ Love of Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿, produces timeless, galactic, bass music using an alternative tuning of A=444hz, which tunes the C key to 528hz. Known as a “whole tone”, it is far more than a frequency, it is a master/tonic key that resonates in harmony with our DNA. It emanates peaceful, healing vibes in the midst of chaos and also just feels really good, especially when paired with bass and beats!

Our Milky Way is 1 of 2 Trillion Galaxies … We are not alone, the odds are against it!