Blue Mayan Ancient Astronaut – Mixed Media on Canvas

Blue Mayan Astronautblue mayan astronaut acrylic

Acrylic, UV blacklight responsive, spray paint and metallic acrylics on canvas. 18″ x 24″ approx size.

Inspired by “ancient astronauts”, that had copper based blood (we have iron based – same as the core of our planet).. Some beings currently exist on Earth with copper based blood…  the Octopus, for one!  I started out loosely following an image of a rock carving.. but it ended up completely my own. 😀 Interesting effects on the blue skin, which is UV blacklight responsive and glow in the dark paint layers.

Shylo Love 2014

Blue Mayan Astronaut
Blue Mayan Astronaut.. nearly finished!

Blue Mayan before he was blue
Blue Mayan before he was blue and he had no real hand or I decided to move it… 😉