Website Design

Shylo has been designing and building websites since about 1998 (18 years) starting with static html web pages and working through most of the popular php/sql/css/js based content management systems over the years.  Lately, WordPress is her CMS of choice, having once favoured Joomla and before that, Drupal.

She has designed and built online communities, forums, blogs, interactive catalogues including individual vector images, online booking systems, interactive mapping systems, event registration systems, online libraries and directories, informational websites, non-profit websites, portfolio websites, e-commerce stores and online radio websites.  Having worked with an eclectic range of clients, businesses and web designing systems, Shylo’s skill set for web development is as diverse and as well-rounded as she is. 😉

Currently she is also managing and maintaining (webmastering) 20 websites on her Apache Linux cloud based VPS hosting server, under her company LoveFire Web Services.